In May, Apartment Sales To Foreigners Increased By 200% In Turkey

In May, Apartment Sales To Foreigners Increased By 200% In Turkey

  • Apartment Sales To Foreigners Increased By 200% In Turkey. The Turkish Statistics Authority says the number of apartments sold to foreigners in May of this year reached 5,962 apartments, up 235.6% from the same month last year, the highest May sales in three years.
  • As of May, foreign sales represented 4.9% of all sales of apartments in Turkey.
  • Foreigners bought 26,753 apartments in the first five months of this year, a 70% increase over the same period last year.

Istanbul is the top Turkish state in terms of the number of foreigners it sells to

  • In May 2022, Istanbul was the top Turkish state selling apartments to foreigners, followed by Antalya in second place with 1885 apartments, and Mersin in third place with 264 apartments.
  • Here are the five states that sold the most to foreigners in the first five months:
  • The Russians topped the list of foreign nationalities buying an apartment in Turkey in May 2022 for the second consecutive month, with 1,275 apartments purchased.
  • Second on the list of apartment buyers were the Iranians, who had purchased 736 apartments, and third on the list were the Iraqis, who had purchased 617 apartments.

Below are some properties in Istanbul.

  • It is in Istanbul’s Beyoglu district, on the European side of the city. Beyoglu is Istanbul’s centre for entertainment and the city’s liveliest area.
  • It is near Istiklal Avenue, one of Istanbul’s most vibrant streets. Additionally, it is close to Karakoy, Galata Bridge, and Taksim Square.
  • It’s in a great spot near the main street and public transit.
  • This complex has an elegant design and offers a ton of amenities.
  • It provides an indoor swimming pool, spa, fitness centre, and concierge services to assist you with your daily needs. 
  • The project has access to shopping malls, transportation, main roads, art, sports, and cultural centres.
  • It’s in a great spot near the main street and public transit.
  • Luxury project is waiting for you!

  • Located in the heart of Istanbul, Buyukdere provides a unique glimpse into the economic and social life of the neighborhood.
  • Buyukdere Street, one of Turkey’s most enormous axes, is 1500 meters away from the project.
  • In Levent, one of Istanbul’s most central spots, you’ll find some of Istanbul’s best shopping malls, from Istinye Park to Zorlu.
  • Many city amenities are close to the project, which puts you close to the action while also keeping you away from the crowds.
  • All the World’s Biggest Companies Are At Your Fingertips.
  • Play with your children freely in a house with an exclusive garden that offers the convenience of a villa.
  • Fill your lungs with clean air from the Belgrade Forest and get an energy boost in the morning while enjoying your Terrace.
  • It is suitable for Turkish Citizenship.

  • You won’t find a better home built with elegance and extravagance.
  • Nisantasi, in Istanbul, is where you’ll find global and international fashion brands.
  • The project is the very best in the city.
  • These properties are suitable in the heart of everything you need, close to shops, top boutiques, and transport.
  • One of Istanbul’s most unique and impressive residential developments, this project offers several luxury-designed properties for sale.

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