Where is the Best Areas to Buy Property in Istanbul?

Best Areas to Buy Property in Istanbul

In this Article, you will find the best areas to buy property in Istanbul. Developing and growing cities such as Istanbul are experiencing a steady increase in real estate projects, infrastructure projects, and mega projects worldwide.

Growth is considered an attractive factor for those looking to build their investments on a solid foundation and guarantee their long-term profits. Your investment property will increase in value as time passes, and you will experience an increase in your profit when you appraise and evaluate it. One of the benefits of owning a rental property is its rental income.

Let’s explore together the best areas to buy property in Istanbul.

The Best Areas to Buy Property in Istanbul

Asian side – Anatolian Side

  1. Umraniye
  • It is characterized by the presence of the Istanbul International Financial Center, which has made Umraniye a centre of attraction for investment in Istanbul, particularly on the Asian side and throughout Istanbul in general.
  • Umraniye has also become famous for investing in real estate due to the rapid population growth in recent years.
  • With the Uskudar Metro and easy access to and from the area, it became Istanbul’s Asian centre, gaining a significant rise in real estate prices and investments.
  • With the Uskudar – Umraniye – Cekmekoy – Sancaktepe metro lines, the Umraniye neighbourhood gained a lot of traction and was a pleasant place to live for those who have lived in the area. Umraniye to Uskudar only takes 12 minutes, and Umraniye to the European side of Istanbul takes no longer than 20 minutes. Furthermore, since the opening of the Metro Line, this area has seen a dramatic increase in demand, which has led to a substantial increase in property prices and an increase in investment budgets.
  • The unique thing about Umraniye is that it is set to become an international financial centre with high-quality commercial and office districts, aiming to be a pioneer for innovation and sustainability. In this area, real estate investment rates increased immediately after the Istanbul International Financial Center project started.

2. Kadikoy

  • Kadikoy is one of Istanbul’s most famous and most visited tourist destinations. As well as being a commercial centre, it’s a residential area in Asian Istanbul. It is one of the best areas to buy property in Istanbul.
  • Its unique location is a significant factor in determining the value of Kadikoy and its importance for investors. The majority of Kadikoy’s residential areas overlook the Marmara Sea, which gives it an advantage over the rest of Istanbul’s Asian areas. The area’s tourist attractions and recreational facilities have also made foreigners want to invest in Kadikoy instead of other areas. You’ll find your dream home in Kadikoy if you prefer luxury, sophistication, and development.
  • Experts in the Turkish real estate market predicted that Kadikoy would experience a dramatic increase in real estate investment, as building projects are multiplying with elaborate designs and sophisticated architecture.
  • Aside from that, Kadikoy is an excellent place to live since it has a lot of essential services to meet all your needs, and it’s close to Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

European Side

3. Sisli

  • It’s in the centre of business and luxury projects in Istanbul and the energetic heart of the city. This area comprises some of Istanbul’s most prestigious and well-known neighbourhoods, including the Nisantasi and Bomonti neighbourhoods. As well as featuring the most luxurious international hotels, Sisli also features shopping centres that carry shops and boutiques of the most famous international brands, including the Zorlu Center Mall, Istinye Park Mall, and Cevahir Mall.
  • In Sisli, many of the projects and towers have a view of the Bosphorus, a competitive advantage since it’s one of the few central areas with apartments overlooking the Bosphorus on the European side of Istanbul.
  • In addition to this, Sisli is also one of the best-served areas in terms of public transportation. In this area, you will find the Metrobus, a vital transport line in Istanbul and the most crucial road in the city. As well as the availability of essential services, the area is also home to many infrastructure projects, such as tunnels and bridges that facilitate access to and from the region. In addition to the number of universities, luxurious hospitals, and other necessities that the residents need, it is also home to many universities that provide the best educational services.
  • Sisli is a highly desired region because it is one of the best investment options. It contains a limited number of new developments, thereby sustaining high real estate prices, high demand, and limited supply.

4. Kagithane

  • It is good to invest in Istanbul’s Kagıthane area because it is a newly developed area, being built up and reconstructed. Old slums and buildings are being turned into modern neighbourhoods and high-end complexes to match their surroundings.
  • It’s close to Sisli, Levent, and Maslak, which have luxury areas. In addition to improving infrastructure in the region, the government is also expanding transportation and metro lines.
  • This area is close to Istanbul’s centre, so it’s a good alternative to Istanbul’s centre because it’s cheaper. You can earn monthly and yearly returns on it if it’s an excellent investment.
  • It’s near the city centre, and there’s an affordable real estate market.
  • Our article aims to explain the best areas to buy property in Istanbul.
  • If you have further questions, we would be pleased to assist you.

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