Bosphorus View Apartments For Sale in Istanbul

  • Bosphorus view apartments offer a lot of diversity, not just in views and prices but also in the purposes for which properties are acquired.
  • Istanbul’s historical and geographical significance is well known. 
  • The Bosphorus Strait, which we are focusing on today, divides Istanbul into Asia and Europe, including many historical palaces, luxury hotels, some old residential projects, and very few new ones, which means that these are investment opportunities that are never going away.
  • Let’s talk about the general features of Istanbul before we look at some bosphorus view apartments in Istanbul.
  • Istanbul offers many options with sea views, such as the Bosphorus Strait, the Princess Islands, and even the Sea of Marmara.
  • As most investment properties are concentrated on both sides, even properties that look out over the Marmara Sea but are near the strait still carry a lot of investment potential.
  • The reason is that the Bosphorus is the center of the city. In any city, the closer the center, the better investment value, especially for new properties, so bosphorus view apartments are a more advantageous investment option.
  • If you want a quiet life, you can find it along the coast from Zeytinburnu to Beylikduzu. The European section, the Buyukcekmece area, and the Asian section, the Kartal area, are both ideal for those who want a summer home in nature. 

(As of now) three bridges and a marine tunnel cross the Bosphorus:

  • 1. The 15 Martyrs Bridge.
  • 2. Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror Bridge.
  • 3. Sultan Yavuz Selim Bridge, built in 2016.
  • 4. The Eurasia tunnel.

Bosphorus View Apartments Projects

  • This project is like nothing you’ve ever seen, with a stunning location overlooking the Bosphorus, contemporary design ideas, and luxury brands.
  • It features all the modern luxuries, plus fantastic views of the Bosphorus and the addition of a lot of greenery.
  • It’s surrounded by trees, landscapes and calming paths and has easy access for pedestrians, underground garages, and walkways connecting the buildings.
  • We’re located on one of Istanbul’s best spots, where you’ll wake up every day with a view of the Bosphorus.

  • The project is located right next to the Bosphorus Bridge in Mecidiyekoy, the new center of the business world.
  • Extraordinary residential center with sports area, social area, lounge and private mini-club in one complex.

  • A fantastic project is being built in Istanbul in the Nisantasi area to view the city’s skyline and the Bosphorus Sea.
  • You won’t find a better home built with elegance and extravagance.
  • Nisantasi, in Istanbul, is where you’ll find global and international fashion brands.
  • The project is the very best in the city.

  • One of Turkey’s most recognizable construction companies has developed this project.
  • Maslak is much more than a neighborhood; it’s a window on the future in a city that’s changing a lot.

  • The project is one of the newest, luxurious, and most modern places to live in Istanbul with a great central location.
  • This project is a great investment for people, that are in looking for Bosphorus view apartments for sale in Istanbul.

  • The sea is more than just a view in this project: it’s a way of life, from sports to transportation.
  • Its historic buildings have been brought back to life, merging the magical atmosphere of the past with today’s comfort. It’s a blend of your history with the scent of the sea. 
  • In walking distance, you can find everything, from chic boutiques of exclusive brands to world-class restaurants, from an organic market to amazing cafes and restaurants.

  • It features a mesmerizing view of the Marmara Sea and Bosphorus, which will keep the office occupants relaxed. 
  • It’s in Topkapi, on the European side of Istanbul, and close to the centre.
  • It is suitable for Turkish Citizenship.

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