Can UK Nationals buy Property in Turkey?

Can UK Nationals buy Property in Turkey?

A British citizen can purchase a home in Turkey. It’s pretty easy and the same for all foreign buyers. British citizens were allowed to buy property for the first time in 2003. Several tourist areas have experienced an increase in property sales.

There were many people purchasing holiday homes in Turkey at extremely low rates. The cost of housing in Turkey is still quite affordable today. Turkey is visited by millions of tourists every year.

Turkish real estate has become an increasingly popular choice for Brits seeking retirement homes. Property investors and buyers in the United Kingdom choose Turkey because it is more affordable than other places. Additionally, the Turkish people are believed to be more friendly and have a more pleasant living environment.

Most foreign buyers find it simple to purchase property in Turkey. Turkey’s government has simplified the buying process considerably. These days, it is a relatively quick process that can usually complete much faster than in other countries.

Is it possible for a British citizen to buy a property in Turkey through investment?

  • Of course. Turkey’s citizenship by investment program allows you to get Turkish citizenship with a $250,000 real estate purchase. That’s been going on since September 2018. You can become a Turkish citizen if you buy real estate in Turkey.
  • Just about anyone can buy property in Turkey to become a citizen. It’s possible to buy house in Turkey from most countries, including the UK and Europe. Only 5 countries are banned from buying real estate in Turkey. The list includes Syria, Armenia, North Korea, Cuba, and Nigeria.
  • The only restriction is that you can only own 30 hectares. Military zones are not permissible. According to the General Directorate for Land Registration and Cadastre, you may purchase up to 10% of the land.
  • Investment in Turkish properties is a very wise decision. 
  • Turkey is a country with a booming real estate and construction sector. Over the past few years, the value of the Turkish Lira has declined considerably. As a result, many British homebuyers have moved to Turkey.

Turkey is the best place to buy property in the world.

  • Turkey has many unique cities and locations along its 700 km of the Aegean/Mediterranean coast. Turkey’s entire coastline is one of the most popular vacation spots. In Turkey, several houses are for sale that is particularly appealing to British buyers. A variety of options are available for all budgets.
  • Turkey has long been a popular destination for holiday house buyers, but Istanbul is currently the hottest destination for real estate investment.
  • Even though Istanbul is not the capital, it is one of the main tourist destinations in the country. The city competes with other capital cities as a destination for property buyers. It is undergoing rapid changes, and several of its neighborhoods are undergoing renovation. Experienced investors take advantage of this opportunity to invest in properties that are likely to appreciate.
  • Owning a home in Turkey is now easier for foreigners. Turkey is a great place to invest. So, if you’re going to buy a house in Turkey, contact our agents to get the best deal.

Is a residency needed to buy real estate in Turkey?

If you want to live in Turkey all year round, you can apply for residency once you become a homeowner. To learn more about the home buying process in Turkey, take a look at our guide on buying a home in Turkey.

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