Important Difference between Asian and European Sides of Istanbul

difference between Asian and European sides of Istanbul.

What is the difference between Asian and European Sides of Istanbul?

This article is not about Turkey’s location, it is about explaining two continents differences and importance in Istanbul, the difference between Asian and European sides of Istanbul, its strategic importance, and its impact on real estate investment. This essay aims to explain the difference between Asian and European sides of Istanbul.

In Turkey, Istanbul is divided into two parts, Asian and European:

  • Turkey extends across two continents, Asia and Europe. Located on two continents, Istanbul is Turkey’s capital and economic centre.
  • You can divide this city into Asian and European parts! The Bosphorus Strait divides them! When it comes to the real estate investment sector in Turkey, the European side of Istanbul differs from the Asian side. We will discuss about the difference between Istanbul’s Asian and European sides.

The different features and characteristics of real estate investment in European Istanbul:

  • Civilization, development, and relatively high prices make European Istanbul a great place to invest! Europe is the most developed part of Istanbul, as it offers a wide range of modern real estate, commercial markets and malls. Istanbul’s real estate is close to modern transportation like rapid metro lines and prominent tourist spots, which means it is witnessing high-level tourism investments and attracting international investment.
  • The European side of Istanbul has a variety of real estate, surrounded by natural, historical, cultural, archaeological, and other tourist attractions.

Below you can find some real estate projects in the European Sides of Istanbul

  • Overlooking the magical views of the Golden Horn, it is a place of peace and tranquility within the city center. It is a great investment besides being a perfect place to live.
  • It offers an exceptional living experience for your family. In case you are in search of an apartment for sale in Istanbul.

  • The project is located in a central part of Istanbul, in Beylikduzu.
  • The housing project offers a lot of services, like cleaning and technical assistance.
  • Your title deed is ready, so you can buy an apartment within the project!

  • With 4 residential towers, it provides the best quality in Istanbul’s European Side
  • A total of 81 apartments with large areas are available in the center of town.
  • It is suitable for Turkish Citizenship.

What makes Asian side of Istanbul a Great Place to Invest?

  • The Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey, is a beautiful destination for anyone who enjoys the lush nature and the calm atmosphere away from crowds.
  • Compared to other Asian investment centres, Istanbul has limited and sufficient real estate and services!
  • There are many properties on the Asian side of Istanbul, like houses, apartments, studios, shops, lands, and residential and commercial properties at lower prices than on the European side.
  • Unlike Asian real estate, these are far from urban centres and modern transportation lines; they’re also not close to markets, malls, massive institutions, or various economic activities.
  • The Asian side of Istanbul is a quiet and elegant place from where you can see Turkish life, customs, and traditions. Istanbul’s Asian neighbourhoods are still relatively untouched by the chaos and mix of people from different ethnicities!

Below you can find some real estate projects in the Asian-Anatolian Sides of Istanbul

  • The project has a modern design with a panoramic sea view and great amenities.
  • You can see Princess Island from the project.

  • Multi complex project with residential and commercial units is located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, Kadikoy District.
  • It is suitable for Turkish Citizenship.

  • The complex offers an indoor car park, a swimming pool, a kid’s pool, a sauna, a Turkish bath, steam room, a gym, a game room, a basketball court, a tennis court, kids’ playgrounds, walking paths, sitting areas, a lift, central heating, 24/7 security, and cameras.
  • Each property has a living room, open-plan or separate kitchen, bathroom and en-suite bathroom, a Jacuzzi, laundry room and a balcony.

The climate and geography of the Asian and European sides.

  • One of the most critical factors that affect geographical diversity and crop, activity, and lifestyle diversity is climate—particularly the difference between Asian and European sides of Istanbul.
  • Such a diverse, integrated, and diverse economy makes Istanbul a unique place to live! An integrated life in Istanbul, featuring everything you want. Such as Agriculture, industrial, trade, health, education, tourism, real estate investment, political facilities, the environment, etc.

Investing in real estate can be a great option in both the Asian and European parts of Istanbul!

  • Istanbul and the Asian and European continents have all the investment elements one could want, including raw materials, land, diversity, and the active tourist flow throughout the year. In addition, the government has encouraged real estate investment in the country in the form of many decrees, laws, and legislation aimed at attracting international investment and foreign investors.
  • One of the biggest things you can mention regarding government support for foreign investors is the government’s decision to grant Turkish citizenship to foreign investors who invest in real estate in Turkey or buy real estate worth 400 thousand US dollars or equivalents.
  • Real estate companies concerned with real estate investments in Istanbul help you obtain real estate that intersects with your investment desires, guarantees reasonable prices and protect you from fraud and deception attempts that may affect the real estate. Investment sector in Istanbul, Turkey!
  • There are diverse, harmonious, and integrated activities on the Asian and European sides of Istanbul! Never hesitate a day to take advantage of these geographic spots! 

In this essay, I explained the difference between Asian and European sides of Istanbul. With Property Anatolia, you’ll save time and money while looking for the perfect property for you and your family.

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