Top 3 Advantage of Investing in Beylikduzu

Investing in Beylikduzu is more significant than in other parts of the city. Beylikduzu is a modern residential neighbourhood with growing popularity after the 2000s. As one of Istanbul’s most durable regions, it is also the location of some of the city’s most prestigious real estate developments. It offers easy access to transportation and has modern life projects. Like European cities, the region has a high percentage of green areas. Every avenue and street has trees planted evenly, making the area a natural museum.

In contrast to Istanbul’s central districts, Beylikduzu offers a clean, windy, and airy environment. As Beylikduzu contains a lot of wooded areas, seasonal passages become a visual feast.

Many new housing projects are under construction and planned for Beylikduzu, where many housing projects are located. The development of the projects added value to Beylikduzu, which now has new living areas.

Investing in Beylikduzu

  • Today investing in Beylikduzu is experiencing a great deal of prosperity in terms of high-quality real estate investment, taking into account the benefits usually gained by real estate buyers in Turkey. And compared with other suburbs in Istanbul, this one has a higher quality and is more organized in terms of urban development and should start registering record profits from real estate investments.
  • With the progress of the new metro line “Incirli – Beylikduzu”, and if the proportion of land offers is considered, it is easy to say that investing in Beylikdüzü will bring very high profits in the future.

  1. Population
  • The population of the Beylikdüzü is now around 400 thousand people, and it’s expected to increase due to the many large housing complexes in the district and the increasing desire for Arabs, foreigners and Turks to move well as the increasing opportunities for real estate investment there.

2. Beylikduzu services in Istanbul

  • Beylikduzu has many facilities, including the Beylikduzu Governmental Hospital, known for its value to the locals and visitors.
  • Private hospitals in Beylikdüzü include Medicana Hospital and Medilife Hospital and clinics and health centres.
  • Beylikdüzü also has one of Istanbul’s most comprehensive exhibition centres, Tuyap, that can host all kinds of cultural and artistic events, and it gets a lot of attention.
  • There are also commercial and modern malls and big shopping centres in the region, which include the best of everything and Turkish, European, and international styles.
  • Cafés in Beylikdüzü also rank among the most luxurious European cafes. The region is also known for its fine restaurants and lush gardens where the locals can enjoy the best of comforts.
  • You can find branches of all banks in the Beylikdüzü region. It has hiking, swimming, and recreation centres such as Marmara, and Kavakli, so the services in this area are among the best you can find in Istanbul.
  • The neighbourhoods of Beylikduzu are great because of their aesthetics, beauty, administrative structure, and wide streets with clean sidewalks, all of which make it an area parallel to many of the finest European neighbourhoods while also overlooking some of them. A real urban revolution is going on in Beylikduzu, as it has several housing projects and luxury housing developments under construction and ready to live.
  • There are also many luxury villas, especially along the marina, with great views and a unique atmosphere and many commercial complexes and offices for rent or sale.
  • Its residential complexes are primarily European in design and have great features such as a great location and amazing views and green space, schools, and playgrounds for kids.
  • Thus, investing in Beylikduzu is one of the most attractive properties for buyers and investors since real estate prices are lower than comparable real estate prices in other parts of the city. Beylikduzu’s residents live a luxurious lifestyle.
  • You can find a luxury lifestyle in this region. It also has resorts and shopping centres, many residential complexes, and a lack of disturbance; it also enjoys absolute security. The majority of the population is immigrants, where there are no ethnic, religious or sectarian groups in which everyone has the same rights.

3. The weather in Beylikduzu

  • It has a mild climate throughout the year. Its location and its absence of industrial establishments have contributed to the area’s becoming a healthy ecological zone, characterized by a pleasant atmosphere and its mild winter and summer, especially in the areas next to Marmara Beach.

What makes Beylikduzu Special?

  • Avcilar, Esenyurt and Büyükçekmece are nearby districts with a 12.4 km coastline along the Sea of Marmara. This district is very well planned compared to others. Rather than squatter houses, many building complexes with many facilities are available.
  • Beylikduzu is a favourite among families with kids and university students. As a result, there are many shopping malls and coastal roads where residents of the district hang out. The morning begins with sports along the beach where you can also see the sunset and goes on until late at night.

Below you will find sea view apartments in Beylikduzu.

  • The project features a swimming pool, a fitness centre, tennis courts, a children’s playground, a Turkish bath, spa, sauna, steam room, and a cafe for residents to enjoy.
  • It offers lake and sea views.
  •  It offers countless recreational facilities such as Life Club, Yacht harbor, restaurants & cafes, walking parkours, etc…
  • You can enjoy the amazing sea view with no interference by giant buildings and traffic noise.
  • It offers beautiful sea views.
  • the project is surrounded by famous international cafes and restaurants, shopping centers, and schools.

Istanbul’s luxury seekers come here for sure. It is also the reason why Beylikduzu is a pearl to live there.

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