Legal Support in Turkey

English and Arabic speaking lawyers 

When buying property in Turkey, Property Anatolia acts as an arbitrator between seller and buyer for every sale, we just want to close the deal professionally.  When we add a property to our portfolio, we check the company’s reputation. We guarantee that you are buying the property directly from the owner. As we close hundreds of transactions every year with Zero Failure success, we are confident.

We have a list of independent lawyers who speak English and Arabic languages  where you can choose your lawyer.

lawyer in Turkey, Legal Support in turkey

What the Lawyers roles ?

There are standard property controls for a safe purchase that lawyers and attorneys helps.

1. Legal investigation of the property

The purchase of real estate may vary from country to country. There are not the same rules and standards in all countries. Since you don’t often buy property in Turkey, we recommend that you buy it from a reputable real estate agency  and many years of experience like Property Anatolia.

A more important part of buying a property is getting in touch with the right party and understanding that the seller is selling the right property that they are showing you. Lawyers can secure these issues and your money with a due diligence report.

a) When you decide to buy a property , lawyer  perform your first checks at the title deed  office to cover:

– Basement

– Mortgage debt

= Taxes

= Tax liability

= Other debts and duties

= Whether or not it is 100% owned

= Check the fact of ownership of the property as indicated in the deed p

b) Lawyers also check these associated licenses:

~ Building permit

~ Planning permissions

2. Booking contract and deposit

The booking contract protects the property on behalf of the customer and confirms the agreed price and conditions of sale. It also shows that the payment made as a deposit guarantees the conditions agreed in the contract.

3. Contract for the purchase of real estate in Turkey

– If there is a booking contract that contains the conditions agreed by the parties, the lawyer draws up the sales contract accordingly.

– In the absence of a prepared contract and agreed terms, the lawyer draws up the sales contract according to the satisfaction of all those who legitimize their requests.

– If a contract is already in place, the lawyer should review the contract to make sure it is not violating the client’s rights and is completely legal.

Legal fees in Turkey

The legal assistance fee for the lawyer in Turkey  between 300 Euros and 500 Euros  . Turkish Citizenship program cost for family of 4 (2 adults and 2 kids under 18 years old) is around 3500 USD –  These fees can vary from attorney to attorney. Request details about the purchase process of your case and legal entities.

Property Anatolia has a list of names of English-speaking lawyers. Since attorneys are committed to protecting your rights, they are not tied to our business.

However, when you buy your property from Property Anatolia, we will carry out the entire process safely.

This will avoid the inconvenience.

If the seller or their real estate agent is not trustworthy when buying a property, problems can eventually arise. Since you don’t know how the foreign property buying process works, controlling the process can be difficult and have unintended consequences. In such cases, an attorney can avoid the hassle. However, there are good real estate agencies in Turkey that will complete the buying process without any hassle. You may prefer to use a professional real estate agent to avoid legal fees. You can contact us to buy a property in Turkey with Zero Failure.

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