Obtaining Turkish Citizenship increased to $400.000

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship
  • Turkish official newspaper says the new limit for obtaining Turkish citizenship will take effect from June 12, 2022. After this date, the amount required will be $400.000 instead of $ 250.000, representing the current limit for obtaining Turkish citizenship from September 2018 to June 12 2022. There have been many changes in the four years since the Turkish citizenship law began through a $ 250.000 real estate investment. It includes construction materials, which have risen significantly since the beginning of the Corona epidemic and the problems it has caused, like increased demand, supply chain issues, and expensive shipping. Additionally, the continued and increased demand for new real estate in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular, as well as the problems of global inflation (American inflation reached 8.3% in April 2022, which is one of the highest rates in decades), as well as the weak purchasing power of the dollar against many different currencies around the world, including the Turkish lira.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

  • Despite all these reasons, real estate investment in Turkey over the past four years has proven its efficiency. Today we can consider at least 90% of the properties purchased between 2018 and 2021 as properties that made a profit even on dollar values, not less than 50% in some cases where the owners got good investment advice and saw 200% returns.
  • We anticipated that the increase in the required investment and getting citizenship would take effect in 2022 since the available property in 2018 was valued at $ 250.000. Still, now it takes $ 400.000 to achieve the same level in 2022. This regulation will impact not only the Turkish real estate market but also many markets throughout the world and most areas that have been negatively affected by inflation and the effects of the epidemic.
  • Before the date of the amendment, investors will be able to preserve the value of their investments, and new investors interested in getting Turkish citizenship won’t be able to invest more than $250,000. They have a whole month to decide on it.
  • When investing in the amount of $ 250.000, a title deed or a notary contract proving full ownership of the property must be obtained before entering the date of June 12, 2022, and if the property is seized or the payment is not completed, or the title deed is not obtainable, or the notary contract is not issued. The law that applies to them is $ 400.000.
  • Our specialized team can help you find the right property for you and your family and make sure you get Turkish citizenship before the new law goes into effect.

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