The Benefits of Real Estate Investment in Istanbul

  • When buying property in Turkey, people have different reasons and goals. Most of them want a nearby apartment with a Bosphorus view or a villa near the sea to have short vacations all year. People buy Turkish properties for various reasons, some for permanent residency or citizenship, while others consider real estate a profitable investment and plan to rent out or resale their properties to make a profit.
  • Real estate investment is endless, as well-chosen properties can bring excellent returns. With the help of our expert advisors, you’ll get a free consultation that will assist you in making a significant investment in Istanbul.

Real Estate Investment in Istanbul

Would you like to invest in real estate in Istanbul? The following information will provide you with a better understanding of the benefits of real estate investment and why it is a safe and sound investment:

  • There is no need to worry or stress about the procedures regarding the purchase of real estate and the transfer of ownership, as the title deed can be issued within a few days of the purchase. In Turkey, the title deed of the property, also called Tapu, is the official document that proves who owns the property. It contains information about the property, such as the owner’s name, type of property, location, and other facts. The title deed administration signs and stamps it, which is based on extracting the title deed from the Directorate of Land Registry, part of the Ministry of Environment and Cities in Turkey.
  • It’s cheap to live in Turkey compared to other European countries. One of the biggest things people consider when they move to a new country is how much it costs to live. Specifically, we’re talking about all aspects of life in Turkey: education, health, transportation, food, clothes, housing, rent, work, and average salaries.
  • Turkey has both public and private schools. Their fees are symbolic and straightforward for public schools and universities, and they’re free too. Private schools range from $5000 to $20.000, depending on specialization.
  • You can either go to government hospitals covered by insurance or private hospitals you pay.
  • There is an excellent transportation network in Istanbul that covers all of the city and connects the European and Asian sides. The primary means of transportation are the Metrobus, metro, tramway, sea ferries, and public buses. The fare is very cheap, not exceeding six lire, and students get a half-off discount on public transport.
  • In Turkey real estate investment is advantageous because of the high demand for apartments in residential communities. These projects offer a wide range of options in apartment spaces, views, and service levels. In Istanbul, you can find real estate projects in all areas with a developed infrastructure used for annual and tourist rental income.

Based on what we just said, Turkey is an attractive country for a vast and diverse group of foreigners, making it an investment destination because of the high demand for housing, which created a fertile and ideal environment for real estate investment.

  • It’s safe to invest in Turkish real estate. Turkey has one of the world’s twenty largest economies and is characterized by stable and continuous growth. Real estate prices are also rising rapidly, so people who bought Turkey real estate a few years ago can now sell it for much more.
  • Every single day, new residential and investment projects are being built in Turkey, including luxury projects as part of the most famous international hotels that have high-end services and that are being built in Turkey to attract investors.
  • The facilities are available to foreign investors and the positive attitude toward foreign investors in Turkey. The Turkish government works continuously on making it easier to buy properties in Turkey and creating a favourable climate for foreign investors, including allowing investors to become Turkish citizens and get Turkish passports by buying a property worth $ 250.000 and keeping it for three years in an easy process that takes no more than 60 days.
  • There are also tax exemptions and reductions for foreign investments, which gives an extra incentive to invest in Turkey.
  • You can invest in under-construction projects and double your money after the project is delivered, where you can buy under-construction properties at a low price and then resell them for a profit.
  • Construction properties in Istanbul are the best investment because of their high prices in the future. Since the cost of Istanbul real estate and apartments has risen by an average of 30 per cent from the time construction starts until they are delivered, many people interested in investing in Istanbul are buying apartments under construction and reselling them later. It’s a long-term investment with a high return on investment.
  • You can make money when you resell real estate because its value increases. Rental prices also tend to rise over time, which results in more cash flow from all real estate investments.

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