The Best Real Estate Projects in Uskudar, Istanbul

Real Estate Projects in Uskudar

Real Estate Projects in Uskudar offers a luxurious lifestyle overlooking the Bosphorus.

  • Real estate projects in Uskudar are close to the Bosporus shore, with easy access to the centre. Uskudar, which is on the shores of the Bosphorus, is one of Istanbul’s most vital neighbourhoods. One of the most iconic symbols of Istanbul is the Maiden’s Tower in the Uskudar district.
  • It is one of the reasons why Uskudar is so popular. There are many reasons to invest in Uskudar, including its world-famous historical monuments, lush groves, panoramic Bosphorus views, and ultra-luxury houses. Uskudar, located on the Anatolian side of the city, also has developed transportation facilities.
  • Furthermore, easy access is provided by the 15 July Martyrs Bridge, the Eurasia Tunnel, and the Marmaray. It is possible to meet all types of requirements in any district of Uskudar in a short period. You can also find all kinds of opportunities there because it’s a tourist town.
  • There is no doubt that Uskudar is a historical district whose undisturbed architectural structure and natural beauty captivate people for years. Uskudar, one of the most important settlements of ancient times, contains many historical artefacts that are still in existence today.
  • In Uskudar, many attractions, such as mosques, baths, fountains, palaces, and mansions, are worth visiting. Let’s look at some of the most important historical and touristic sites in Uskudar.

Uskudar’s Must-See Places

Maiden’s Tower

  • Whenever Istanbul is mentioned, the Maiden’s Tower comes to mind. Maiden’s Tower, an Istanbul icon, only dates back to the Byzantine period and has a history of 2500 years. There are many legends about the Maiden’s Tower, but it attracts tourists the most. Besides serving as a museum and restaurant, Maiden’s Tower serves both purposes. 

Camlica Hill

  • Üsküdar’s Camlica Hill offers a gorgeous view of the Bosphorus. Camlica Hill is home to the largest mosque ever built in the history of the republic, the Camlica Mosque, and the massive Camlica Tower.

Fethi Pasha Grove

  • Fethi Pasha Grove is another must-see place in Istanbul. Visitors will enjoy a peaceful day at the grove with a great view. A social room in the grove has a view of the Bosphorus, where you can have breakfast.

Beylerbeyi Palace

  • Among the most beautiful palaces in Istanbul, Beylerbeyi Palace was built in 1865 by Sultan Abdulaziz. A visit to the Yellow Kiosk and Marble Kiosks inside the palace is highly recommended. With its European baroque architecture and oriental texture, the palace is one of Istanbul’s most essential and spectacular palaces.

The Most Common Questions About Real Estate Investment in Uskudar

Uşkudar, on the shores of the Bosphorus, Istanbul’s pearl, is known for its ultra-luxury residences and natural beauty. Investments in this district are consistently profitable, so it’s a favourite with real estate investors. Istanbul’s Uskudar district provides the highest price increase and earnings in property purchases. Developing transportation facilities contributes to this increase.

Due to the opening of universities in the district, the demand for housing for sale and rental also increased. There has also been an increase in demand for Uskudar houses, which generate good rental income. You can find various types of real estate projects in Uskudar, from the average apartment suitable for every budget to the luxury apartments and villas that enjoy views of the Bosphorus. Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions of those thinking about buying an apartment in Istanbul Uskudar.

What’s life like in Uskudar?

People of all ethnicities, races, and religions live peacefully in Uskudar. Uskudar has the Bosphorus coastline, a green park, a university, a restaurant and coffee shop, a hospital, shopping, etc. In other words, anyone can easily find what they need. Moreover, the European side of the city is the easiest to reach from here with its advanced transportation facilities (Eurasia Tunnel, ferry piers, Marmaray).

Which neighbourhoods in Uskudar have the highest rise in flat prices?

There are many different types of real estate projects in Uskudar, suitable for every budget. The neighbourhoods with the most appreciation in the price of flats for sale in Uskudar are Acibadem, Altunizade, and Bahcelievler. Cengelkoy, Kucuk Camlica, Mimar Sinan, Sultantepe, and Zeynep Kamil, are the neighbourhoods that earn the most investors the most.

Below you can find some real estate projects in Uskudar;

  • Its beautiful seaside and many touristic places like Kiz Kulesi, Camlica Mosque, Camlica Tower make Uskudar a tourist spot.
  • Uskudar is a central area with schools, universities, hospitals, shopping malls, and other amenities.

  • The project provides a  privileged life with 3 residence types created for different lifestyles. It is the right place to experience Istanbul for those who plan to buy a real estate in Istanbul.
  • The project is located in the heart of the city and is becoming the new center that will enhance the beauty of Istanbul.

  • The project is on the Asian side of Istanbul, in the Cengelkoy neighbourhood.
  • You’ll have the privilege of being in Cengelkoy, overlooking the Bosphorus, between two bridges, in a great location that’s easy to find.
  • If you live on this project, you’ll be able to get to your home in minutes from the bridge or take a nostalgic Bosphorus cruise from Cengelkoy Pier.
  • It is suitable for Turkish Citizenship.

Uskudar is one of the districts with the highest demand for both rental and sale housing. Besides, flats with Bosphorus views are also in high demand in ultra-luxury projects located on the Bosphorus strip. The prices vary according to the apartment’s age, view, location, and features.

Through the ages, Istanbul has attracted investors’ attention. It does so today too. Find out more about Istanbul flats for sale by contacting Property Anatolia Real Estate’s experienced and expert agents. Please contact us about any real estate projects in Uskudar.

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