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Advantage of working with Property Anatolia

Your property is visible to anyone looking for a property, as it is published on our unique website. Our corporate websites receive thousands of visitors from all over the world every day. Making your property highly visible to buyers gives you the opportunity to sell your property ahead of schedule.

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International Buyers

In addition to the national language, our team of professional consultants speaks multi languages. Therefore, your property can be sold not only by Turkish buyers, but also by foreign buyers from many countries.

Professional advertising

Real estate advertising is serious work that requires skill and experience. Our professional photographer takes the photos and our editorial team writes descriptions that show the best aspects of your property.

1. Single agency

You receive all services from a single source:

Tailor-made marketing: Your property will be recommended to buyers whose expectations correspond to the characteristics of your property. Also, all questions regarding your property will be handled by our representatives on your behalf.

Keys possession: Your keys will be kept safe in our office in case you do not have time to participate in all the sightseeing tours.

Official documents: You will benefit from the support from our expert team  for official documents.

Viewing Organizations: Our agents organize viewing tours for your property.

Evaluation report

As of February 15, 2019, an appraisal report must be prepared for each sale of real estate abroad. With our experienced team working with real market data, you will get the real value of your property. In addition, we prepare the real estate appraisal report, which is mandatory for foreign buyers.

100% happiness and zero failures 100% happiness and zero failures

We have made hundreds of home sales without mistakes. You benefit from the experience of our company in the sale of your property without any problem. Our experience provides the best results for both the seller and the buyer.

2. Booking contract and deposit

The booking contract protects the property on behalf of the customer and confirms the agreed price and conditions of sale. It also shows that the payment made as a deposit guarantees the conditions agreed in the contract.

3. Contract for the purchase of real estate in Turkey

– If there is a booking contract that contains the conditions agreed by the parties, the lawyer draws up the sales contract accordingly.

– In the absence of a prepared contract and agreed terms, the lawyer draws up the sales contract according to the satisfaction of all those who legitimize their requests.

– If a contract is already in place, the lawyer should review the contract to make sure it is not violating the client’s rights and is completely legal.

Procedure for the sale of real estate in Turkey

1: We need to see all relevant documents about your apartment or villa, including your title deeds and residency certificate. At the time of sale, the home must be debt-free for the title deed office to approve the transaction. So make sure all taxes are up to date and bank loans and / or mortgages are paid in full. . .

2: We will  offer you a realistic selling price. To maximize your profits and make your home more commercial, do all the maintenance and paint the interiors as needed.

3: When we agree to market your home, we will take photos and add them to our website. They must be available to view trips, sometimes at short notice. If you don’t live in Turkey, leave the keys to a trusted landlord so we can contact them.

4: When looking for a buyer, we organize the whole process and keep you updated at all times, including the steps to submit and sign deeds.

How much does it cost to sell my property?

If you have owned the property for five years or more, you are excluded from income tax. We charge a real estate agent fee to complete the process and you will also need to fund individual expenses .  Make sure all invoices are up to date.

For more information and details  send a copy of title deeds, photos and additional information to

Questions & Answers

Basically, the selling period of a property is determined by the price. The average sale of a property at a market price takes 3 to 6 months. We guarantee that we will carry out effective marketing activities for which we will be responsible during the course of our contract. However, selling a portfolio is not necessarily the result of good work.  To sell faster, prices must be below market expectations.

If you are too busy for property tour or out of town, leave us the keys. In this case, our team will conduct the tours and answer questions on your behalf.

Our team of local experts will recommend the right price for your property. We know the locations, property values ​​and the history of the buildings in our service areas. So take advantage of our experience and knowledge to get a fair and correct price.

There will be many requests. However, our job is to understand the expectations of potential buyers. If the client’s expectations do not match the characteristics of your property or if he/she is not a serious buyer, we will not arrange a visit to your property. We respect everyone’s time.

We invite you and the buyer to our office to define the terms of the contract. Both parties sign a sales contract that includes all the terms of the contract with a down payment and initiate ownership claims.

Full payment for the sale of property is made on the day of the transfer of title deed, just before the end customer’s signature in Turkey.

Yes , you can sell your property with furniture or without.

We sell all types of properties. Apartments, villas, commercial properties, land and hotels

Buyers see 200% more professional ads than single ads. Also, you have to record many independent calls and messages to filter out untrustworthy customers. Also, buyers want to work with professional agents to avoid potential disputes. These reasons are among the most important of many.

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