Why is important to invest in Sheraton Hotel Apartment in Istanbul?

A new luxury project in the heart of Istanbul, offering the best returns on investment and the most luxurious apartments in Nisantasi.

Today, our article will talk about one of the most exciting Sheraton Hotel apartments in Istanbul, International Hotel Group, owned by Marriott International and established in 1933. A project that offers high returns, a three-year rental guarantee, and a net profit of 7% will be the best investment for you.

Below are the details of the project and its advantages:

Details about Sheraton Hotel Apartment

  • In this project, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.
  • On a surface of 7600 square meters, the project consists of a modern architecture tower built as a single block.
  • There are 40 floors, and the basement floor is shops, followed by a floor dedicated to VIP meeting rooms. Four floors are offices, followed by ten floors for Sheraton Hotel Apartments with 248 rooms, a floor for social amenities like gym, sauna, billiards, and more, then 20 floors for residences. Also, there’s a floor with an airstrip at the top so that you can land helicopters there, the only one in the area.
  • Including seven investment apartments, the project has 21 elevators. It also has three entrances: a hotel entrance, an investment apartment entrance, and a commercial office entrance.
  • You can choose from 0+1, 1+1, and 2+1 apartments in the Sheraton Residence. You can also combine two or more apartments to get a large and spacious apartment.
  • Our Sheraton Hotel Apartments are designed with luxury, from the most delicate architectural details to the highest-quality materials used in construction and decoration.
  • High floors provide fantastic views of Bahcesehir, its green spaces, and the lake.
  • Investors and residents can take advantage of a special reception for homeowners and guests, 24-hour room service, complex security, technical services, valet parking, wake-up service, exchange office, your own fully equipped business center, and many other perks.
  • There is a rental guarantee for Sheraton hotel apartment for three years with a return of 7%, and offices for five years with a return of 5%. 

Location of the project

  • It’s in the Bahcesehir district on Istanbul’s European side. The property’s location is very close to Akbati Mall, one of the biggest shopping centers in Istanbul, which has many international and local brands. Tourists love the spacious courtyard with lots of restaurants and cafes.
  • You can get to Istanbul Airport in 30 minutes by car.
  • There is no doubt that Bahcesehir is one of the most prestigious areas in Istanbul. The area is characterized by its lush greenery and reflects the beauty of Istanbul. There are several reasons why families prefer the area for housing since it has all the essential services to meet their needs, such as schools, hospitals, and others.
  • A new metro station close to the Sheraton Hotel Apartment will pass through the Bahcesehir area and facilitate travel, due to be completed by 2022. The new metro station will provide access to the area and facilitate it. It’s a fantastic opportunity to invest in hotel apartments in Istanbul at this luxury and most famous project for sale in Bahcesehir.
  • The project is located in a rapidly developing area where there is a lot of development and infrastructure in the works, including the Istanbul Canal Project, Istanbul Airport Project, and the metro system that will connect the Bahcesehir district to the center of the city.

The project’s investment value

  • The Sheraton Project is unique because it is the only project under construction within an area of ready-to-move-in projects. Furthermore, because it’s the only hotel project under a luxury brand, Sheraton, the demand for hotel units is rising, and the property owner has a guaranteed resale later on.
  • With this project, you can get Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport, which is required to purchase a property worth at least $250.000. With this amount, you can buy an apartment anywhere to get Turkish citizenship, but you won’t get all the benefits of investing with Sheraton.
  • To learn more about Turkish citizenship laws: Turkish Citizenship

  • Any property under the name of Sheraton Hotels, whether it is an apartment or a hotel, comes with the benefit of a Marriott Bonvoy credit card, which gives you a 35% discount at all Sheraton hotel apartment in the world, as well as the advantage of accumulating points that get you more discounts at Sheraton hotels.
  •  You can get unique and exclusive offers for hotel apartments in the Sheraton project and other Istanbul real estate projects by contacting us, and our team will help you buy your Istanbul property.

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