Title Deed Registration

Property Anatolia offers a service that proves that you are the legal owner of the property. The transfer process is done through a property title (Tapu). After signing all the sales and reference documents, all the required documents will be sent to the title deed registration office by the experienced HomeZ after sales team. Unless you designate a power of attorney, you must be present in person for the transfer of tittle deed of the property. The seller and buyer  will meet at the tittle deed office at the agreed time.

The property title transfer process is as follows;

– All the necessary documents have been prepared to register the transfer of title deed.
– Once the documentation has been completed, all the necessary information is sent to the Title Deed Registry Office.
– The day of the transfer, the buyer pays the total amount and the office transfer the tittle deed.

Foreigners generally complete the title deed registration process in around 3-5 days due to money transfer  from overseas  accounts.

After signing the deeds, we will help you transfer the subscriptions such as water, gas and electricity from the previous owner to your name. This is done very easily, safely and quickly.

title deed registration in Turkey

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