Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate in Istanbul?

Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate in Istanbul?

Why invest in Commercial Real Estate in Istanbul?

  • You can live and invest in real estate on the Asian and European sides of Istanbul. Many districts and municipalities in the city offer a range of investment options. One of the most important metropolises in the world is Istanbul, the largest city in Europe. Also, it is the only city in the world to have land on two continents simultaneously. Throughout history, this city has been home to many civilizations, many of which were capital cities. Despite not being the capital of Turkey at present, Istanbul is considered the country’s cultural capital. Istanbul is one of the top destinations for visitors and ex-pats worldwide for many reasons. The city is famous because of its scenic beauty and historical places. Turkey’s cuisine, modern tourist facilities, and accessibility play a significant role in Istanbul’s tourism. Many people from all over the world move to Istanbul for different reasons. Families, retirees, and students like the city because of its conveniences and facilities. Some of the reasons are the modern educational institutions, low cost of living, and advanced healthcare.
    Istanbul is the biggest city in Turkey, so it’s no wonder that buyers are confused about where to buy. Therefore, let’s examine each side closely and what they offer.

Is it better to invest in European Istanbul or Asian Istanbul?

  • It is pretty profitable to invest in Istanbul real estate regardless of which area of the city you choose. Therefore, saying one side is the best place to invest in Istanbul real estate would be wrong.
  • It may be a better approach to learn the differences between the two sides and choose the one that best suits your needs. Istanbul is a city with a lot of immigration, so real estate investment on the Asian and European sides is always profitable.
  • Istanbul is widely known as one of the best cities to invest in real estate. Before buying an investment property in Istanbul, look at the area carefully. Both sides have different characteristics regarding their populations, population characteristics, facilities, lifestyles, and socioeconomic development.
  • For example, the European side has a higher population density than the Asian side. Additionally, business activity is more prevalent in the European than on the Asian side. In this area, you will find most of Istanbul’s business towers and skyscrapers. It means that the European side of the city is the center of business and trade.
  • In contrast, the Asian side is more of a residential area with a lot of greenery, a low-density population, wider streets, and other daily life facilities. As there are fewer green spaces on the European side, many parks, trees, and forests on the Asian side provide a better living environment. People prefer to live on the Asian side of Istanbul, so they visit the European side daily for business.
  • While megacity facilities exist on both sides, they are more common on the European side. Entertainment venues, nightclubs, theaters, exhibitions, festivals, and concerts are more prevalent in this area.

What is the best neighborhood to buy a property in Istanbul? The Asian Side of Istanbul or the European Side?

  • It can be an excellent start if you’re interested in buying Istanbul real estate. The options there are very different. The price ranges vary depending on the region.
  • We mentioned before that business takes place mainly on the European side. Consequently, if you want to invest in commercial real estate, the European side of Istanbul might be a better choice. You might want to look at properties on Istanbul’s Asian side if you want to buy a house.

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Finally, investment properties in Istanbul are highly profitable throughout the city. There is a better annual rise in value and rental price than in most other cities worldwide. Consequently, the return on investment is higher than in most cities, regardless of whether you sell or rent the property. Additionally, this megacity offers a variety of investment opportunities at varying price ranges in different locations.

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